$300,000 Available for King Conservation District-Seattle Community Grants

Applications are due June 28th


Learn more at SPU Seattle.gov: King Conservation District – Seattle Community Partnership Grant. The 2013 application, review and schedule information are available on the KCD website. Note that there is a specific application for Seattle.



Roads and Runoff — April 25 7:15PM

Join us at Meadowbrook Community Center, Thursday April 25, 7:15PM at 10517 35th Avenue Northeast,Seattle, Map

Repaving 125th Street

Art Brochet of Seattle Department of Transportation will speak about the repaving of 125th NE that is expected this year.  Here is the link for the project. This could include some of Sand Point Way, and will not involve changing the number of lanes. Alll of the work is in the Thornton Creek watershed, and crosses the North Fork at 24th Avenue NE.

Stormwater Update

Seattle Public Utilities will be sending us a speaker on the subject of Mayor McGinn’s new stormwater goals.  Background here
Rainwater from streets and roofs is a large contributor of pollutants that flow into Thornton Creek (car washing, leaking oil, pet wastes).  The Mayor’s plan  for increased capture and cleaning of stormwater could improve our creek, now considered the most polluted in Seattle.

The Year’s Workplan:

Review with the Board the proposed projects for the next 12 months


The positions below are for two years, and members of TCA will be asked to make additional nominations, and then vote.

The Nominating Committee recommends:
Membership VP:  Chuck Dolan
Program VP:  Judy Olson
Treasurer:  Gary Olson
Board Members-at-Large:  Frank Backus, Mary Lee Backus, Keith Dekker, Brad Johnson, Jeff Laufle

Do come join your neighbors for inspiration, free refreshments and informative literature,  Thornton Creek is our responsibility, and our treasure.

Stormwater Runoff Goals Proposed

New Water Run-off Strategies for Seattle!


Mayor McGinn has announced a new goal of managing 700 million gallons of stormwater annually with green stormwater infrastructure, by the year 2025.  Rain-Gardens and Bio-Swales could be the major implementation.

The green stormwater goal will be achieved through a combination of City-led projects on public land, code-triggered private sector investments, and voluntary actions on private property.  This represents about a six-fold increase over the amount of stormwater Seattle currently manages with green infrastructure. 

You can read more about it here.

New Northgate Runoff Estimates from Sound Transit extension

Northgate Sound Transit Station:

The massive project at Northgate to add Sound Transit and a parking garage and other buildings will have a serious effect on Thornton Creek.

We now have an answer to our question about the changes in area of impervious surface at the site.  Here it is, in a nutshell:
Net decrease in Pollution Generating Impervious Surface – 73,600 sq. ft.
Net increase in Impervious Surface – 126,000 sq. ft.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Items they are considering for design:

Bioswales in the south plaza (LID stormwater detention, infiltration, and treatment)
Pervious pavement in the south plaza
Rainwater harvesting cistern to reduce irrigation needs

Do you have any concerns or ideas you would like to share?  Please send them to Sound Transit (rhonda.dixon@soundtransit.org – Community Outreach Specialist), but also send them to us (see Contact page) for incorporation into the letter TCA will be sending to Sound Transit.

Tree Ordinance Proposal

New Street Tree Ordinance for Seattle: 

Seattle’s street tree ordinance, which applies to all trees in public places, is being updated for the first time in 50 years.  On Wednesday, March 27th, at 9:30am, the new proposal will be presented to the City Council Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability Committee.  Here is the link for the proposal.  Public comment will be taken at the beginning of the meeting.  The new proposal will require all major pruning to be done by a certified arborist and under a street use permit.  If you’d like to compliment them for this nice beginning of a tree permit system for Seattle or you have other comments or questions, here are the e-mail addresses for the committee members: Richard.Conlin@seattle.gov (chair) richard.conlin@seattle.gov, Mike.Obrien@seattle.gov, mike.obrien@seattle.gov  Tim.Burgess@seattle.gov, tim.burgess@seattle.gov  Sally.Clark@seattle.gov (alternate).sally.clark@seattle.gov
Same Old Private Property Tree Ordinance:
On the issue of a tree protection ordinance for trees on private property we are sorry to have to report that the city council will be postponing any further action for about a year, until after the elections.  The interim ordinance will remain in force.  Cass Turnbull of PlantAmnesty and TreePac reports also that in the proposed new ordinance DPD has lowered the threshold for protected trees from 24” to 12”.  You can write to the city council members above with complaints and/or kudos.