Grants Available

Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account (ALEA)

Volunteer Cooperative Grant Program

Grant applications will be accepted from December 1, 2013 – February 28, 2014.

Over the years, WDFW’s ALEA Grant Program has supported hundreds of individuals and organizations who have undertaken a variety of projects that engage volunteers and benefit Washington’s fish and wildlife resources.

ALEA grants are in high demand; therefore, we follow a competitive process to select recipients.  If interested, read below for more information about the program and how to apply.

Project Types

The ALEA Grant Program funds five major types of projects; however, others may be considered.

Details are here!

  • Habitat projects include activities that restore and/or preserve fish and wildlife habitat.
  • Research projects increase our knowledge of fish and wildlife species.
  • Education projects communicate information or provide hands on experiences that will enhance public understanding of fish and wildlife and their habitat.
  • Facility Development projects provide or enhance access to fish and wildlife related recreational opportunities.
  • Artificial Production projects rear and release fish or wildlife for public recreation or to restore populations. All artificial production projects must be pre-approved by WDFW to be eligible to apply for an ALEA grant.
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