New Construction at 3310 NE 125th St., Environmentally Critical Area

Permit # 3015115


Details and additional links are here.


Environmentally Critical Area

40% Steep Slope


Riparian Corridor

Salmon Watershed


Accepted Permit:  Land Use Application to allow a 6-story congregate residence with 150 bedrooms in an environmentally critical area. 1,990 sq. ft. of retail and 2 live-work units (1,985 sq. ft.) will be located at grade. Parking for 51 vehicles will be located within the structure.


This site was formerly used as a gas station, but the permit history indicates that the polluted soils were removed in 2002.  It is situated directly on top of Little Brook Creek which is housed in a 24’ culvert until it crosses NE 125th.  The construction documents imply that since the creek was legally culverted it is now legal to ignore the presence of the creek.  The Little Brook detention pond is just across NE 125th.


The comment period is extended to Nov. 20th, 2013.  (Thanks, Bonnie Miller!)  E-mailed comments should go to and reference permit # 3015115.  Some in the community are very concerned about the parking and traffic impact.  We would like to see the Little Brook Creek daylighted at this site.  Failing that, it would be helpful if the culvert could be replaced with a more fish-friendly one.  It would also be for the best if run-off water from the site could be reused in the plumbing and irrigation systems.

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