New Northgate Runoff Estimates from Sound Transit extension

Northgate Sound Transit Station:

The massive project at Northgate to add Sound Transit and a parking garage and other buildings will have a serious effect on Thornton Creek.

We now have an answer to our question about the changes in area of impervious surface at the site.  Here it is, in a nutshell:
Net decrease in Pollution Generating Impervious Surface – 73,600 sq. ft.
Net increase in Impervious Surface – 126,000 sq. ft.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Items they are considering for design:

Bioswales in the south plaza (LID stormwater detention, infiltration, and treatment)
Pervious pavement in the south plaza
Rainwater harvesting cistern to reduce irrigation needs

Do you have any concerns or ideas you would like to share?  Please send them to Sound Transit ( – Community Outreach Specialist), but also send them to us (see Contact page) for incorporation into the letter TCA will be sending to Sound Transit.
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