Thornton Creek Alliance initiates a Citizen Science Monitoring Program

Are you interested in learning about how you could help improve Thornton Creek?


Over the years many researchers have monitored Thornton Creek waters for various physical and chemical properties.  An evaluation was done by the Alliance to determine if folks living in the watershed could be helpful in obtaining information that would be valuable to these researchers both in increasing the amount of information available and eventually improving the quality of the creek.  Results of this effort identified several areas where this type of Citizen Science approach could be beneficial.


As a result the TCA board agreed to sponsor this effort using funding from a King County grant.  The first area of focus is to obtain information on the concentration and location of E-coli in the Creek.  A test for this is available and reliable which will allow a citizen scientist to perform and get useful information for the researcher. Thornton Creek Alliance has purchased the equipment and materials necessary to perform this test.


Working with Seattle Public Utilities we are developing a strategy of locations and times that would be most beneficial for helping to understand where the sources of E-coli are entering the creek.  By being able to pinpoint these sources we hopefully will be able to eliminate them.  There are already good examples of where this has occurred.

If you are interested in helping in this effort or other citizen science projects related to the creek please contact Gary Olson.   206-523-4384
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