Updating the City’s Stormwater Regulations

Our stormwater code protects people, property, and the environment by controlling how rain water runs off of streets, buildings, and parking lots. This stormwater runoff can cause flooding, landslides, and erosion that can damage our homes, businesses, and property. Stormwater is also the main source for pollutants in our creeks, lakes, bays, and other waterways.

The Department of Ecology is requiring Seattle to update current codes with additional stormwater control regulations as a condition of our NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permit. They are accepting comments on the current codes as they work to revise them. TCA  has commented on the current codes. Do you have additional comments? According to their timeline, comments are being welcomed via email this Summer and Fall of 2013. You can submit comments and join the Stormwater Code listserv by sending an email to stormwatercode@seattle.gov.

For more information, a survey, and frequently asked questions, visit the Stormwater Code website at:

Seattle Stormwater Code 
Stormwater Code & Rules Update


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